Tragedy in Connecticut

Hate, intolerance, and irrationality causes us to live in a world of uncertainty. We use our ideologies to defend injustice against others. We use religion to say that our morals give us the right to discriminate. We use the name of God and the Bible to defend a precept that God is a God of justice and not equality. 

I call it hypocrisy. While we fight about what’s right and what’s wrong, there is a world of people who are hurting. People who are crying for help but we don’t hear because we are too busy defending the ‘sanctity’ of marriage. We neglect the needs of others because we are preoccupied with the comfort of our own lives.Today a 20-year-old walked into an elementary school and took the lives of at least 26 people, 18 of which are children. We may never understand why, but it begs to question, was there a cry for help from the perpetrator? What in life could drive one to the point of taking the lives of others in such a horrific way?Sometimes we ought to pause and listen to the hurt around us. Forget what makes us different and instead embrace what makes us similar. We are connected by the common thread of humanity. We love, we hurt, and we cry. Let’s start being there for each other. Love your children, say the word, demonstrate the love. Forget the arguments, forgive the wrong, and heal those with a broken heart. Today is truly a sad day, not just for Americans but for humanity as a whole. My heart weeps…

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