A Life Without Limits

I began the year with a lot of enthusiasm, a sense of purpose, a sense of wanting to achieve in 2013 that which I failed to achieve the year or years prior. I questioned myself, what will I do this year to make my life, my country, this world, a better place? In so doing I purposed to make healthier life choices. I looked at my physical appearance to determine the road my life would take going forward. Like most people, weight loss became the gold standard of my resolution. But what’s the point of a resolution? Is it the hope that I may actually stick to the plan this year, or only lose the drive two weeks later?

I finally realized that the whole concept of creating a resolution is that as an individual I was seeking a way to assign a beginning and an end to the complexities of life. If I can visualize a date to end my current practices, set a goal, and start new, life miraculously becomes manageable. Inherent in that notion of a start and an end thought process is the reason why I continue to fail. Life is not about a beginning and an end, it is about the totality of experiences we live each day. We must live our lives in such a way that we learn from our past, and seek ways to correct it. I cannot correct my pass by deciding to end it. I must accept all that I am, and constantly seek ways to make each day, each year more productive than the last. To do so requires that I take small steps to become who I truly want to be. I must realize and accept that mistakes will happen, and acknowledge that mistakes are not set backs, but rather a way to demonstrate that life is a series of ups and down. I must embrace this cycle, and in so doing realize that failures are what makes me human. What would life be like without failing? Because I fail does not mean my change process ends, it just means that I am living. I fail because I am learning to respond to the changing situations in the world in which I exist.

After two weeks my “new year resolution” became history, and I purposed then and there that I will no longer have annual resolutions. Instead I will embrace each day as a challenge, a challenge to continue to grow, to learn what makes me who I am, and to purpose each day to do something that not only adds to the quality of my life, but also to the life of others. My life is now filled with excitement. I live trying to find out who I am, what I can do, and what are my limits.

The reality of my new mantra in life is that I will never realize my limits. I will never become all that I am truly meant to be. I will never grasp a hold of the infinite opportunities that exist. Why? Because to find my limit, to accomplish all that I am capable of doing, to excel at everything, means that life is limited. To accept that all things are possible, I must accept that there are things I will never do. Life has no limits, to limit life would mean to limit ourselves. Until death we continue to strive trying to test just how far we can go.

I urge you to live your life to the fullest. Test the boundaries, love like you have never loved before. Forgive, fail, and try again. Your life is only limited by the limitations you place on yourself. Live each day knowing that the mistakes of yesterday are in the past, and the possibilities today are endless. The only person who can determine where your life goes from here is you! Never stop believing in yourself because belief in ones own capabilities is what makes this world a better place. We were all created to add something to this world that no one el can. Make your mark today.

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