The People’s National Party and Porita Simpson-Miller – Jamaica’s recipe for disaster

A day after the conclusion of the 75th annual convention of the Peoples National Party, I am still trying to comprehend and rationalize the antics that were on display. I unfortunately subjected myself to listen to Prime Minister’s speech which consisted of a few sentences intermixed with dancehall music. At the end of the speech I came to realize these facts:

1. Jamaican politicians put party before country.

2. The PNP administration believe that it is the faith of the people in their administration that has provided them a seat at the helm of government – I would say it was ignorance, but that’s my personal opinion.

3. The honorable PM will do as she pleases, when she pleases, and without regard for the Jamaican people. If you object, you will be considered as someone trying to “stop the progress.” Or worst yet, an enemy of the state.

4. The PM has no regard for the fact that Jamaica is comprised of people other than those who make up the poorer classes. Jamaica is one of the only countries where the valuable contribution of the middle class is ignored. By extension, the member of the upper class citizenry are as much Jamaicans as those who are poor. A leader must govern for all Jamaica, not segments of the Jamaican population.

5. The PNP will continue to disregard the people and laws of Jamaica because the Jamaican people by virtue of their vote, refuse to hold them accountable. PJ Patterson spent time listing the oversight bodies his administration implemented but he managed to ignore the numerous scandals caused by his party. Let us not forget the most recent occurrences and legacy of those we are still confronting, namely Trafigura, The Cuban lightbulb saga, and the Spauldings Market controversy.

We have a leader who is at best, a ceremonial Prime Minister who speaks only in terms of giving accolades or in matters of celebration. She has proven time and time again that she is incapable at governance and is largely ignorant of the plight of many Jamaicans, the poor included. She avoids discussing matters of national importance and when asked why she is so silent ,she responds “I speak only when I have something to say.” Therefore I must conclude that our honorable PM in her silence is clueless with regards to the current state of Jamaica and the irregularities which exist in civil society and the government. Apparently Jamaica is on the right track. The hardship we face is minuscule. Our Prime minister indicated that she understood our apprehensions as she also has to shop at the grocery store. Clearly ignorant of the fact that her salary and compensation package puts her out of the realm of the people she loves. So dearly. For those that are on the brink of being poor, I hope you can find solace in the fact that you are within reach of the PM’s affection, keep the faith.

I have grown disgruntled with the direction in which our beloved homeland. Our politicians don’t take us seriously. Politics for the most part has become a spectator sport. The annual gatherings at party conventions are merely feel good sessions meant to boost personal moral. As our leaders party we spend time suffering, and Jamaican continues to die a slow death, literally and figuratively.

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6 thoughts on “The People’s National Party and Porita Simpson-Miller – Jamaica’s recipe for disaster

  1. Wow,you could not have said it any better Cuz,I think as Jamaican we deserved much better than we’re getting from the present administration,the question is when will we wake up.

    1. Dennis unfortunately I don’t think we demand the best from our leaders and therefore they will continue to operate the way they do.

      Maybe one day as Jamaicans we will demand better.

  2. My question is how do we as Jamaicans work on building a better Jamaica for us, since the leaders don’t plan on doing it?

  3. Hi Dimitri.
    I have just read your very eloquent but one sided view on the PNP and more specifically the Prime Minister. One sided because I have been living abroad for almost a quarter of a Century and have a limited view on whats happening back at home.

    Its obvious she isn’t the sharpest in the party and we could supper as a result but I would like to frame my personal view but such wont be possible for the time being so I will accept your views.

    I wrote and article in response to to island’s murder rate and I could be relevant to your presentation here if the government is under the influence of a not very sharp Dance Hall music influenced leader. Bearing in mind I live abroad so I am risking some faith in believing you. I like your work. Will visit site again.
    The fallowing is my Article.

    HOW DO WE EASE JAMAICA’S PAIN / found on Rula Brown’s FB. Page..

    Because there is no Law or Barrier against Greed then the less fortunate suffers most at all times as the scrapping intensifies at the bottom for the whats left.

    This kind of killing is not a Jamaica only problem it is a Global issue. But because Jamaica is so uniquely blessed with unstoppable people she becomes a mirror to the world.

    When educated healthy people are strangled Economically the inevitable result is the rending of the social fabric. If you are alive you want to live and live well.

    Put Crabs in a Barrel an un natural environment for them see how they rip each other apart. Take away our means of a earning our living. Turn our Island Home into a Giant Supermarket controlled by external forces and mindless murdering will be the inevitable result. A degree in nuclear Physics is not needed to understand this.

    Look at the Greed manifested by the Financial institutions around the world and you will notice that the Jamaica murder rate is directly linked. Where Greed thrives Compassion dies. Life looses its value and materialism gains a worshipful status. The young suffers most as they try to make sense of the forces pulling them apart.

    When we were permitted to be industrious grow crops and market our products. Buy the things we needed on the National or International market. We did not have time or desire to murder.

    The people responsible for the errors of the Market forces experiment is also responsible for unleashing the Spirit of Destruction through Greed upon the World.

    They will pay for their deliberate errors but only when the Storm winds of sorrow starts moving through their 5th Home 2nd Yacht, 3rd Supersonic Flier and Fleet of Cars.

    The misery which is to come as a result of the domination of Greed is un bearable. The errors of the market forces equation is very evident but the will to stop the slide into the abyss is not an option, only when the storm winds gains momentum will the architects and beneficiaries change.
    Gordon Gekko GREED IS GOOD doctrine is a fallacy. A Master Lie with adverse consequences as seen in Jamaica and other parts of the world.

    Jamaica’s role in the dismantling of Slavery and more recently Apartheid also our preparation to become a Democratic Republic is causing some of us to think outside the box. This persistent state of sorrow over the island caused by a contineous murdering is way beyond abnormal. There is cause to wonder if our condition could be construed along the path of managed decline.

    Did we some how unwittingly accept a basket to carry water?

    We mis managed our emotions during the mid 1970s and behaved very badly but we regained our composure and pushed ahead. Our current state is troubling when I start to contemplate a holiday destination other than Jamaica due to fear.

    1. I totally agree! And it is so unfortunate that we can’t seem to get our Jamaican relatives and friends on the island to realize what is going on around them and what is happening in the rest of the world. Too many are convinced that those of us living in foreign countries must take care of them whenever there is a problem and all they have to do is get up find a daily hustle, bathe in the afternoons, and chill. Too many are very clever at watching the next man build a house, buy a car, and drink red stripes at the next set-up or dancehall. Meanwhile those of us in other countries are killing ourselves just to make ends meet. I don’t get it! The obvious is ridiculous! All political parties or other responsible parties are no longer fit to dictate and/or represent us ordinary folks. This is hell!

  4. Partisan Much? Especially when the characteristics you describe transcends all members of the political class, they are all one and the same, dogs of the same breed. But nothing will change in Jamaica so long as we continue to play the same partisan game. The problem is we are all in this together and we are all to blame for the problems we face in Jamaica as a matter of fact I blame the Jamaican people on a whole more than I blame any members of the Political class. Then there is the educated class, never before in our history have we had so many educated, selfish, greedy pricks who drive around basking in their own importance and their foreign education, the look at me syndrome is alive and well. The moneyed class are just old Home Grown Colonials, the 1% who wants nothing more than to maintain the status quo simply because it works for them and guarantee that they remain the 1% Colonial like class, on top of the Economic Pyramid. Every member of the Jamaican population and every class is affected by the same issues and contribute to the creation of the problems we are in. Jamaica is the way it is simply because Jamaica is the way Jamaicans want it to be, we love this feudal like crab in a barrel system.. Then to expect our Political class to think, act and behave any different from any other member of the Jamaican society is naïve to say the least. They are Jamaicans, cut from the same cloth, foreign educated, selfish, greedy pricks and behave no different than any other Jamaicans…

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