Jamaican Broadcaster Salutes Hitler on Live Television

Veteran Jamaican broadcaster Rohan Daley on Sunday, July 13th, 2014 saluted Hitler by uttering the phrase “Heil Hitler” in celebration of Germany securing the 2014 World Cup title. It was inconceivable to think that a broadcaster would have uttered such a phrase on national television. In so doing, Mr. Daley single handedly tainted what had otherwise been perceived as superb coverage of the games by CVM television.

The Holocaust has been regarded as the worst genocide in our world to date. The effects of one of the most sordid events on human record is still vivid in the minds of countless individuals. It was an event in our history that saw the murder of over 6 million Jews, and was overseen by a man whose ideology of racial purification led to the victimization of others. Professor of Holocaust Studies at the University of Toronto, Doris L. Bergen noted:

“Nazi Germany persecuted, incarcerated, and killed millions of Slavic people – Polish gentiles, especially members of the intelligentsia; Soviet prisoners of war; and others – and attacked Communists, homosexual men, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Afro-Germans, and other people considered unwanted in the “new European order.” (Bergen, War & Genocide: A Concise History of the Holocaust; 2009)

Adolf Hitler giving the Nazi salute during a rally in 1939. (AFP/Getty Images)
Adolf Hitler giving the Nazi salute during a rally in 1939. (AFP/Getty Images)

In a simple salute, Rohan Daley diminished his own value and saluted an ideology which, had it not been contained, would have caused the peril of a nation such as Jamaica and its diverse citizenry. His comments were insensitive at best, and ignorant to say the least. His actions lacked good judgement and eroded the expectations to which a person within his position is held. What is even more alarming is the seeming disparaging treatment of the comments by the television network. Numerous Jamaicans voiced their discontent with the broadcaster’s remark, and to date an official statement has not been issued by the network. To his credit, Mr. Daley issued an apology in a segment which followed the World Cup broadcast, however I find a mere apology insufficient. The network has a responsibility to respond to the criticism levied against it following the offensive remarks. In addition, it was a insult to the viewing audience to have Mr. Daley continue his broadcast following what may be perceived as possibly the most racially insensitive utterance made on Jamaican television in recent history.

Alarmingly the Jamaican media seemed to have ignored the incident. On Monday, July 14, 2014 only a brief letter to the editor in the Jamaica-Gleaner (the local newspaper) made reference to the unfortunate occurrence. It is necessary that as Jamaicans we demand that our media professionals exhibit proper judgement and exercise professionalism at all times. We must establish a standard of respectability that must be demonstrated throughout our society. For too long we have settled for mediocrity, and it has only led to our demise as a nation. Our politicians are another example of a group which constantly exercise poor judgement, make offensive and disparaging remarks, circumvent laws and do without any fear of electoral retribution. Building a better Jamaica is our responsibility as a people. It starts by challenging the systems that are in place which erode our civility as a people. In a world that is now interconnected we must be mindful of the past of not only our nation, but that of others. It is imperative for us to be attuned to the sensitivities which exist in our world.

CVM Television by its lack of action as displayed so far, has negated and marginalized a segment of the Jamaican population. The network is adding insult to injury by its silence on the matter. However, the blame rests with us; ordinary Jamaicans that fail to demand good and morally sound leadership by those in positions of authority.

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12 thoughts on “Jamaican Broadcaster Salutes Hitler on Live Television

  1. It was so juvenile. Little or no coverage of the incident was worrying. As usual any punitive action would only occur if the incident appeared in the foreign media. Hence affecting Mr Lee-Chins reputation.

  2. What else is new here? Are you surprised? I am certainly not surprised. This is a nation of mediocrity. This nation has become so accustomed to mediocrity it has become the norm, entrenched in our veins , the BRAND that everyone so keenly and inspiringly talk about, brand Jamaica.! What a joke!

    We will not move an inch further until we understand one thing : When we have no direction, no goals, no civic or moral standards then this place will remain a little piece of island somewhere in the Caribbean where people live, just live, jumping from tree to tree hoping to get rescued by the outside world for a taste of civility! I have no faith in this country, its so called leaders and frankly a lot of its so called citizens!

  3. Reblogged this on Petchary's Blog and commented:
    I mentioned this disturbing incident which occurred on Sunday on live television. What is even more disturbing is that there has been NO comment, let alone an apology, from the television station concerned. And many Jamaicans seem to think that this outrageous comment is “no big deal.” It is an insult, not only to Jewish people, including Jamaicans, but also to all the minorities (including black people) who suffered and died at Hitler’s evil, racist command. And, indeed, it is extremely painful for all those of German descent. I wonder how the German team this journalist was “praising” would have felt about it? Shame on you, CVM Television.

  4. I just reblogged this. Thanks for writing about this. Just to note that Cliff Hughes did mention this on his call-in program on Power 106 FM and condemned it; as did Nationwide radio. Both are streamed online by the way and have overseas callers too. Not a peep out of anyone else, though. Nothing from CVM Television, but then it has been two days now and it may be too late. It is quite shameful. What I also find really sad is that many Jamaicans who I think should know better are saying “what’s the big deal…Oh, leave it alone…He didn’t know what he was doing, so let’s just let it go…” etc. Mediocrity, yes. And lack of standards.

    1. It is very disheartening to see that the media for the most part have ignored the issue. I was thinking about calling the station and voicing my objection. I still may. At the least I will feel like I did my part. Jamaica will never get better if we continue to settle for mediocrity.

  5. The African slave trade SHOULD be regarded as the worst genocide in our world to date…mainly because IT IS!!! …And it is still going on. Every time I hear some reference made to hitler, its always the same old story about how “the Holocaust has been regarded as the worst genocide in our world”..What about the African holocaust which is still going on?? Where is the Outcry and the outrage…!! Niggas please??!!

    1. Mikea, thanks for your feedback on the article. I do believe that the history of the African slave trade is one of the most unfortunate events in world history. However it is generally not considered genocide. During a genocide the intent of the perpetrators is to exterminate, in whole or in part an entire group of people based on race, ethnicity or national origin. The slave trade was not established towards that end.

  6. ”The Holocaust has been regarded as the worst genocide in our world to date.”
    Ever heard of King Leopold of Belgium? The Congolese butcher? 10 million black people…the hidden history…

  7. ”The Holocaust has been regarded as the worst genocide in our world to date.”
    Ever heard of King Leopold of Belgium? The Congolese butcher? 10 million black people…the hidden history…

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