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A graduate of Texas A&M University-Commerce, Dimitri Lyon holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Political Science and Speech Communication. He also holds dual Master of Science degrees in Higher Education and History. Currently Dimitri works for Texas A&M University-Commerce as Senior Admissions Recruiter – Coordinator of Transfer Initiatives. Outside of his work activities, Dimitri has invested much of his time to his motivational speaking venture.

With prior experience working with young adults in realizing their full potential, Dimitri continues to use his past as a foundation for building a brighter future for others. You have an amazing opportunity to utilize the power of Dimitri’s story to empower groups of people to live their dreams, and live beyond the constraints of their past struggles.

For more information on how you may have Dimitri Lyon speak at an event, or conduct a team building workshop, please send an email to: dimitri.lyon@yahoo.com

3 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Mr. Lyon, I am very impressed with this endeavor. Your web design is professional and appealing. Good luck to you and your new adventure in life! Robert

  2. Re “Jamaica is no paradise” Well said Dimitri. the situation hurts the hearts of all of us well meaning Jamaicans. We cannot give up, we have to try to save our beloved country from the ignorance, Godlessness and consequently poverty that has invaded it. May God give us the insight to find the answers.

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