In Support of Al Miller 

Today I embark on the task of telling the world about the man I know as Al Miller; someone who over the years, I have come to call ‘Uncle Al’. He is a man of integrity, passion, and most of all someone who has a love for Jamaica that is beyond any I have ever seen. Over the course of the last several years, I have noticed many who have attempted to tarnish his character, and judge his actions without full knowledge of the issues/circumstances surrounding accusations made against him. I have known Uncle Al enough to say unreservedly that he will always place the national good above self. I have no reason to question his integrity, and I am alarmed by those who remain ignorant of the circumstances concerning the recently concluded trial, but yet choose to condemn him.  Continue reading “In Support of Al Miller “

Dr. Dayton Campbell chastises Lisa Hanna – “Dis a PNP, dis a nuh Miss World.”

“Dis a PNP, dis a nuh Miss World,” was the latest soundbite from member of parliament Dr. Dayton Campbell as he addressed attendees at a recent political meeting in Southeast St. Ann. This is not the first time that Dr. Campbell has created a stir by his actions or comments on the political platform. Continue reading “Dr. Dayton Campbell chastises Lisa Hanna – “Dis a PNP, dis a nuh Miss World.””

Behind the Scenes with Willy Chin – Jamaican Entertainer and member of Black Chiney Sound System

Willy Chin in the studio. He currently owns and operates C-Lab Studios.
Willy Chin in the studio. He currently owns and operates C-Lab Studios.

A fixture in the international dancehall and reggae music scene, Willy Chin has been at the turntable for over a decade. Having started his career as a deejay with the popular sound system group Black Chiney. Born Warren Hoo to Jamaican parents of Asian decent, Willy Chin has always been surrounded by music. His cousin is grammy-award winning record producer Dwayne “Supa Dups” Chin-Quee who is the founding member of Black Chiney.

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Jamaican Broadcaster Salutes Hitler on Live Television

Veteran Jamaican broadcaster Rohan Daley on Sunday, July 13th, 2014 saluted Hitler by uttering the phrase “Heil Hitler” in celebration of Germany securing the 2014 World Cup title. It was inconceivable to think that a broadcaster would have uttered such a phrase on national television. In so doing, Mr. Daley single handedly tainted what had otherwise been perceived as superb coverage of the games by CVM television.

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Miss Jamaica World Stirs Racial Debate

On Saturday, July 12, 2014 Laurie-Ann Chin was crowned the 2014 Miss Jamaica World, and almost immediately there were some Jamaicans who voiced their dissatisfaction with the winner of the pageant. Although I did not view the pageant, I gathered from the vitriol posted online that the dissatisfaction stemmed not from how Laurie-Ann Chin conducted herself in the pageant, but rather her perceived ethnicity. A few seem dissatisfied that a contestant with a darker complexion was not chosen. Continue reading “Miss Jamaica World Stirs Racial Debate”

YouTube Sensation Becomes Jamaica’s New Obsession

Within the last week we have realized the far-reaching impact of brand Jamaica. While many of us are cognizant of the fact that our culture permeates geographical as well as cultural boundaries, we are still amazed when we receive tangible evidence of its impact. Allow me to introduce you to Lucas Dipasquale, a native of Markham, Ontario who recently uploaded a cover of the dancehall song Ravin, originally song by Andre Sutherland , otherwise known as Popcaan. Lucas’ rendition done in acoustic format has since generated thousands of views and continues to take the social media world by storm. Continue reading “YouTube Sensation Becomes Jamaica’s New Obsession”

Building a Better Jamaica

The following is a response to the previous blog entry titled Jamaica Is No Paradise:

The response to my Jamaica is no Paradise article has been overwhelming. It is evident that the message has resonated with many, and others have taken issue with some aspects of what was said. The article was initially written in 2011 at a time when I had lost a close friend to gun violence. Therefore my emotions at the time were unfiltered. Although the article is a few years old, I do believe that it is still pertinent to current day Jamaica. I appreciate the feedback I have received and will attempt to address some of the concerns raised.
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The People’s National Party and Porita Simpson-Miller – Jamaica’s recipe for disaster

A day after the conclusion of the 75th annual convention of the Peoples National Party, I am still trying to comprehend and rationalize the antics that were on display. I unfortunately subjected myself to listen to Prime Minister’s speech which consisted of a few sentences intermixed with dancehall music. At the end of the speech I came to realize these facts: Continue reading “The People’s National Party and Porita Simpson-Miller – Jamaica’s recipe for disaster”

Jamaica – The Land of my Birth – 51st Independence Day Celebrations

Jamaica, a nation that through adversity has demonstrated that we can excel even when the odds are against us. Today we celebrate our success as a people. A country so small that it would appear irrelevant on the world map has impacted the world we live in today beyond what anyone could ever imagine. Our historical footprint demonstrates that the determination of Jamaicans has surpassed racial, social and geographical boundaries. Continue reading “Jamaica – The Land of my Birth – 51st Independence Day Celebrations”