Attack of the GPS – How my GPS tried to kill me!

In ten miles, turn left onto Oak Street, then keep right. Rerouting! What? I just did what you said you idiot! The preceding sentence is an example of the types of conversations I typically have with my navigation system. Needless to say we get into a lot of arguments. As a university recruiter I drive thousands of miles each month, and being directionally challenged I rely heavily on my GPS which I affectionately call Chin-Chin. Continue reading “Attack of the GPS – How my GPS tried to kill me!”

A Life Without Limits

I began the year with a lot of enthusiasm, a sense of purpose, a sense of wanting to achieve in 2013 that which I failed to achieve the year or years prior. I questioned myself, what will I do this year to make my life, my country, this world, a better place? Continue reading “A Life Without Limits”