Turning Adversity into Success – A Student’s Journey to Medical School

Growing up everyone can remember playing make believe, we found any inanimate object we had and created a world around it. Once I turned my backyard into an olympic stadium. The trees became people, and the grass became the track on which

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College Student Committed to Motivating Others

The youth of our generation holds the key to what the future of our world will look like. In today’s society, the older generations often view the youth negatively. To many, the young are those too engulfed with their youth that they fail to understand the ramifications of their actions, good or bad. Working in academia it is always encouraging when I come across students who not only value their collegiate experience, but also those who have a strong desire to excel in all endeavors. I have always been interested in learning about what motivates others to excel. I have come to learn that each person has a story, everyone reaches a point in their life where their struggles and their success’ merge to form their belief and value system regarding the future . Continue reading “College Student Committed to Motivating Others”