Message from the author

Welcome to my first efforts at starting a blog. It is my hope to participate in thought-provoking discussions and provide critical analysis of events and issues I deem important. My fundamental desire is to provide an avenue for people to voice their concerns on a variety of issues in a constructive, yet thought-provoking manner.

I also hope to use this avenue to serve as a motivator for individuals who feel ostracised in a world that can seem so busy and alienating at times. My earliest blogs were created by utilizing articles that were previously written and posted on my Facebook page. Many of these articles I believe are still relevant today. It is my hope to post an article at least once per week as time allows. On a few occasions I  may be able to update my blog more frequently.

If there are any pressing issues or concerns you would like for me to address, I am open to any recommendation you may have, just send me an email, or post a response. Please feel free to review any of my posts and provide feedback. You are also welcomed to, in fact, encouraged to share my blog with others. I look forward to  engaging conversations! Thanks for visiting my blog!



9 thoughts on “Message from the author

  1. Beautiful Tribute to your Uncle! You are a gifted writer! Where can I read your previous Facebook Blog Entries?

      1. Very much enjoying (from New York) but a long time traveler to JA and fan of the majority of your people big time. You are a great writer.

      2. Hey. Hope all is going well in New York. I appreciate your feedback and most important, the fact that you take the time to read it. It keeps me motivated!

  2. Dimitri, you have hit the proverbial nail on its proverbial head. The old saying of “a politician thinks of the next election, a statesman thinks of the next generation”. Ja sorely needs a statesman. Whilst I left my birth country over 40 yrs ago, my roots are very deep and I long for jamaica to lift its head within the global community. Well said, well done!

  3. Us migrants have to pool together to make a better Jamaica……too much talk…..Now is time for action! Migration has helped to crippled our country.

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